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  • SO Much Nintendo News!

    SO Much Nintendo News!

    The greatest time of the year for gamers is here… E3! A MASSIVE convention crammed full of the world’s most exciting games, there’s so much going on this year – and we love it. The WHOLE Nintendo Direct video’s above – it’s over 40 minutes long! – but below, Team Toxic’s picked the BEST bits. Check them out! Breath of the Wild’s still one of our fave games for the Switch – and we’re psyched to see it getting a […]

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    Like hard games? Love classic 8-bit graphics? Then you’ll love Celeste! This awesome mountain-climber leapt onto the coolest consoles in 2018… and so did its low-res demake Classic Celeste! You can unlock the tricky throwback in the game – or play it RIGHT HERE! …And if you don’t want the challenge of being the best at Celeste right now – well, the game’s been Kirby-fied! The inhaling icon and ULTIMATE smasher has been added to the game, making it perfect […]

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    Hey green gang! Toxic writer Sam here 🙋‍♂️ It’s been a busy week here at Toxic HQ – and on Tuesday 9th April, I hopped over to London’s colossal carnival of cool kids, KidZania, to check out Nintendo’s BRAND NEW Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit! In case you haven’t heard about it – it’s Virtual Reality, but made for YOU. See-through sorcery that puts YOU in a 3D world. Yep. It’s awesome. Check out this eye-popping official video: This Virtual […]

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    NINTENDO SWITCH INDIE UPDATE As part of the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, gaming gods Nintendo livestreamed a LOAD of cool new games! Team Toxic loves Indie games because they’re usually super cheap – and there’s so much to do in them! This month’s showcase was no exception, with Nintendo lifting the lid on 18 incoming gems. Cuphead, the impossible 2D side-scroller and barmy battler’s coming to the Switch (with some wild Xbox features baked in!) […]

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  • Making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    MAKING A MASTERPIECE: BREATH OF THE WILD Nintendo have delivered the gaming gold, going behind the scenes on Team Toxic’s #1 game of last year, Breath of the Wild. Haven’t had time to jump into this esteemed open world adventure yet? If you’re not sold, check out this video and see for yourself! We loved how BIG this game seems, all of the wild enemies… and just how many chances the devs took to shake up a classic series! If […]

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