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Fortnite Llama Lols


Fact: Here at Team Toxic, we LOVE llamas.

Luckily, Fortnite: Battle Royale is FULL of llamas!

To celebrate our favourite crazy camelids, we’ve lined up five of the best llama laughs, so you can LOL while you patrol for the most lavish llama loot – get llama’d!

Credit: Australian Alpaca Association

  1. Got a legendary weapon in Battle Royale? The next battle’s gonna be NO PROB-LLAMA at all!

Credit: Funny Animal blog

2. What did the llama say before boarding the Battle Bus? Alpaca my bags!

Credit: John Kaufman, Wikipedia

3. Fancy taking your Fortnite tactics to the next level? Let’s SPIT UP!

Credit: Bluegrass Alpaca Ranch

4. Got time for just one more round…? LLAMA MIA, here we go again!

Credit: Thumbs Up Travellers

5. What do you call a stampeding herd of llamas?! It’s the ALPACALYPSE!

Credit: Llama Nation


…All of these llama jokes wearing you out? It’s time to hit the hay!

Don’t forget to PELT your pals with all this llama drama.

We’ll see you tomorrow for even more Fortnite fun!