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Meerkat Me! – From the makers of Toxic Magazine. Get it FREE from HERE!

Ever wondered what you’d look like as a dancing meerkat? Well now’s the time to find out with Toxic Magazine’s hilarious Meerkat Me App! Take a snap of yourself, or even one of your friends, and then transform into one of three hilarious meerkats! Touch the screen to make your meerkat speak and to hear hilarious sound effects. Then save the screen for a special photo to send to your friends and family!

·      Three different meerkats to choose from. Baby, regular and fat!
·      Touch the screen to hear hilarious sound effects!
·      Save a photo to your friends and family!
·      Over 50 phrases!
·      No in-app charges!
·      Take a photo or use existing on your Camera Roll!

The hilarious Meerkat Me is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Download the free Meerkat Me App HERE!