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  • Captain America TOP SECRETS
  • A guide to surviving Fortnite
  • Iron Man vs Bowser: who’s stronger?
  • LEGO® Ninjago School reports: who’s on the A list?
  • Giant Avengers Poster Mag!

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4  FREE gifts

  1. Two Mega Blasters
  2.  World Cup 2018 Official Trading Cards
  3. Avengers: Infinity Wars stickers
  4. Tango Sweet


 Star Wars SOLO mighty mug, trip to Disneyland Paris for Marvel Summer of Super Heroes, iPad, PS4,

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Every three weeks, the Toxic team brings you an unbeatable mix of all the coolest stuff in the world.

Each issue features sneak peaks at the biggest movie releases, reviews of the latest games, hilarious comics, and loads of puzzles and activities.

From Pokémon and FIFA to Minecraft and superheroes, you can read all about it in every Toxic magazine.




  1. Alison says:

    Is there going to be another mean machines as this is perfect for my 6 year old as he loves car booksost of which I have to go through before he can have
    The plastic car on the front topped it off

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Alison,

      We’re glad your son enjoyed Mean Machines! At the moment we don’t have any plans to produce more, but there will always be Mental Motors and other cool car news in Toxic magazine.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. enrique boyde-castillo says:

    I hate you toxic I never win the competitions I enter

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Enrique,

      Don’t give up! You may not have won a competition yet, but the more you enter, the more chances you have to win!

      Good luck!

    • james says:

      so do I!:(

    • Ross Mead says:

      I’ve gotta side with enrique. once i entered 4 competitions from just one issue and i didn’t win a thing. So that really ticked me off. And all the shops i go to at the moment don’t hav the latest issue so I cant even see all the new awesome stuff within it.

    • arda says:

      I entered 10 compitions and i didnt win anything at all .This sucks.

      • regtoxic says:

        Sorry to hear that, but remember, the more you enter, the more chances you have to win! And have you entered all the competitions on the website too?

  3. Adam says:

    Hello there nick I’m toxic’s BIGGEST fan I can’t wait to get the new issue tommorow.Please reply

    • regtoxic says:

      Hello Adam,

      I’ve locked Nick in the toilet so he can’t reply to your message. HE STINKS! Glad you like Toxic though!

  4. Kristina says:

    Hello, my son won the Moshi Monsters tablet and loves it. Only thing is we seemed to have missed the issue with his picture in it as our local retailers were sold out. Is there a way to get a back copy? Thanks!

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for your comment. We haven’t actually run that picture yet, so you haven’t missed it! Normally we send an issue to print and it doesn’t come out of shops for 6-8 weeks. So your son’s photo will be in either the issue that’s out on July 31st, or August 18th.

      Thanks for your question!

  5. Victor says:


  6. Toxic fan says:

    Got all of them so far

  7. Toxic fan says:

    How do you send your thing tho toxic

  8. Haroon says:

    toxic i like the cool stuff you can get in the magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Haroon says:

    i like all the stuff in the toxic magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chris & Mark says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT MAGAZINE/COMIC. THEY ARE SO AWESOME OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are reading to see if they’re good THEY ARE. And for some reason I had my finger on the shift key.
    Hi Toxic I love you.

  11. Fiona says:

    Has anyone managed to get the Power Rangers Card Scanner App?

  12. Taylor says:

    Hi toxic, I can’t tell you how much fun I am having reading the new episode of toxic mag. Also I would like to thank you for the awesome gifts you put in like the super soaker because I am having fun soaking my sister and friends with it. THANK YOU

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Taylor,

      Thanks for getting in touch, we’re delighted you’re enjoying the new issue!


  13. Josh says:

    Hi toxic, I love the magazine! I just want to know, do you accept photocopies for competition entries, because I really don’t like cutting out magazines! Thanks! Keep on making the awesome mag!

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your question! Sure we can accept photocopies of competition entries – just send it to the usual address and it will be counted!

      Thanks again for your comment, and keep reading Toxic!

  14. Jon says:

    Hi, My son likes to enter every competition in every issue, to save on stamps is it possible to put all the entries into one envelope (just addressed to Toxic at 1 nicholas road) or do you have to send each one seperately with the competition name on each?

    • nicktoxic says:


      Thanks for getting in touch.

      One envelope is fine. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  15. Aaron mcdaid says:

    Hi toxic!! Do you think that minecraft made an upgrade with minions would be cool I do!!!!!!!LOL!

  16. David Kelly says:

    Can i send more than one competition in an envelope or do they all have to be sent separately, or can i send them all in different envelopes inside a big envelope

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi David,

      You can send them all in one envelope or in separate ones – we’ll get them all!

      Thanks for your question.

  17. Alfie says:

    Hi… Do you do a subscription to toxic??

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Alfie,

      We don’t have a subscription service yet, but there is a form towards the back of the magazine to make sure that your local newsagent/shop orders you a copy especially!

      Thanks for your question.

  18. Sarah Traynor says:

    Hi team toxic, my son Izaak has autism and does not like reading until he started to buy this magazine , he now is asking me to help me to read it with him and he will say the word after me . I’m so happy and so is Izaak keep up the good work with this magazine this is a all round helper to our children. Thank from Sarah and Izaak .

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Sarah,

      What a great comment! Thanks for letting us know that Izaak is a fan of Toxic. We’re glad that the magazine has helped you all share a love of reading.

      Thanks again!

  19. taylor hart says:

    hi toxic i love toxic i with i cound have evrry issue of toxic i buy this magiine evry week

  20. Biba klico says:

    My daughter brought the toxic magazine for 31jul -20 aug for her holiday at gatwick airport and was really disappointed that the pack did not contain the promised supper soaker. A great magazine but a disappointed9 yr old.

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Oh dear! To explain why that happened: In certain places we have to include different toys, for security reasons a big gun-shaped blaster wouldn’t be allowed at an airport. However, if you send an email to toxic@euk.egmont.com with your address, we’ll send out a brand new Soaker for your daughter ASAP.

      Thanks for your comment.

  21. Bradley says:

    Hi toxic

    Bradley here your BIGGEST fan ever. I love toxic and all the fun competitions but I haven’t won one yet but still keeping my hopes up. I’m excited about getting the new Toxic mag today or tomorrow and hoping the competitions will be as good as the other ones. Thank you for reading Bradley

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Bradley,

      Thanks for your comment! We’re glad to hear you like our wicked competitions, and we’re sorry you haven’t won one yet! Did you know we also give away loads of cool stuff on our Twitter page? Our username is @ToxicMagUK if you want to try entering on there as well!

  22. Meggie moo says:

    HI TOXIC !!!!! I adore toxic magazines ive won 3 prizes in one year!!!

  23. Meggie moo says:

    The Mini Ipad is the best !!!!

  24. Meggie moo says:

    Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee Toxic !!!!!!

  25. Kian222 says:

    Toxic is the only magazine I buy and I carry on entering the competions but how do I know if I won???

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kian,

      If you’ve won, we’ll call you up and let you know your prize is on the way! Don’t forget to enter our comps on Twitter (@ToxicMagUK) as well for more chances to win.

      Thanks for your comment!

  26. JamesP says:

    Hi,I would like to enter the TOXIC competition Aug- Sept magazine.
    I dont understand the rules very well.
    It says tick A B C D or E.
    CanI pick more than one choice?
    I want to e-mail my entry, can I do this as i do not want to cut it out of the magazine?
    what should i write in the subject line.
    thank you,

  27. aaron says:

    hi toxic the game epic wars 5 is sick. can you please mention it in the mag its EPIC!!!!!

  28. Temi says:

    Hi toxic I wanted to let u know that I’m your biggest fan and I wondered if u could make more toy eps know what I mean?

  29. Erica says:

    Do you do a subscription service for your magazine?
    If so where can i purchase this from?

    Kind regards,

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Erica,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’m afraid we don’t have a subscription service. However, you can find third party subscriptions online which are in no way affiliated with us.

      Hope that helps!

  30. laura k says:

    Hi there Son Dean age 5 just loves the mag ! , he sent in a pic of himself reading toxic in July 2013 and was wondering when his T-shirt might arrive he has been so excited waiting for it :0) thanks x

  31. james says:

    Hi toxic I am wondering if you could make a minecraft crazy issue

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi James,

      Great question!

      We love Minecraft as much as you, so keep your eyes peeled for future issues of Toxic packed with Minecraft madness!

  32. Josh says:

    Is there any way to enter the competitions in Toxic via email, or is the only option post?

  33. Daniel says:

    Hello toxic!
    My name is Daniel and I am 10.
    I just wanted to say I LOVE your magazine and I will always buy them.

  34. Aidan phillips says:

    I want to be a toxic fan because i like your magazine and i want to win a prize

  35. Hector Haggie says:

    Hi toxic, I have entered thousands of comps and haven’t won! it’s so unfair!!

  36. Emil says:

    This magazine is awesome…. I keep going to the shop for the next one ….is it every week?

    • nicktoxic says:


      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Toxic is every three weeks unfortunately. If it was up to us we’d have a new one every day!

  37. Jonathan h says:

    Hi toxic can you please make an iron man issue because I love iron man but can you make it in January 2014 so when I come back from South Korea it will be there for me and also please put issue ideaed by Jonathan Heide

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We’ll do our best to feature Iron Man in January so it’ll be ready for when you get back from South Korea. Unfortunately we can’t send Toxic over there to you though.


  38. Jonathan h says:

    I even like minecraft so could put a little bit of minecraft in the issue to please thank you

    • regtoxic says:

      Good news, there’s LOADS of Minecraft stuff in the new issue of Toxic, on sale today! Thanks for your comment.

  39. Jack Naylor says:

    Already got that issue of Toxic Magazine… It’s ace I love Toxic magz.

  40. Kian222 says:

    Toxic is the most awesome magazine ever and I tell everyone how cool it is every day!!!

  41. corey says:

    Will toxic ever get an app for Kindle fire.please respond.

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Corey,

      At the moment we don’t have any plans to release an App for Kindle Fire, just iPads/iPhones/iPods at the moment. Don’t forget to enter the competitions in Toxic though – we give many of these devices away in every issue!

      Thanks for your question.

  42. chestnutter says:

    i love toxic soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  43. Jonathan h says:

    Ok thanks toxic

  44. corey says:

    Hi toxic corey here is toxic going to include a lego simpsons competion when it comes out next year or have pages about it.please respond

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Corey,

      You can bet your boots that when LEGO Simpsons toys become available, you’ll hear all about it in Toxic! Thanks for your question!

  45. Aidan phillips says:

    I hope i win the spy net goody’s because i sine in for it

  46. Aidan phillips says:

    i hope i win spynet goods cos i signed up for it

  47. jd9203 says:

    stop making skylanders please. could you do the other mag all about minecraft please?

  48. Aidan phillips says:

    hi i hope i win spy net goods toxic. is there 5 keys. i am autism.

  49. Kian222 says:

    Is toxic £2.99 instead of £3.99?

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kian,

      Toxic’s normal price is £2.99! Super-special issues like the one that comes out tomorrow are £3.99 because of all the extra gifts, so look out for it!

  50. Rasmas says:

    I want a issue about iron man!!!!!!

  51. etash says:

    hello toxic,
    I am etash I love your comics!

  52. etash says:

    I want that Halloween skylander!
    please please please in free!

  53. Rasmas says:

    I also like boogers

  54. digges9000 says:

    great but I wish you could get them in the mail

  55. Kian222 says:

    Can you put in Gravity falls in your next issue because it had a awesome series finale.

  56. Connor says:

    “I like lego but only in hot wheels lego.”

  57. Hi Toxic!

    Please could you put The Beano in one of your issues of Toxic any time soon? Maybe even a whole issue dedicated to Beano! (Or half an issue.) – If you do, I’ll make sure I buy it… and get my friends that hate Toxic to buy it, otherwise they’ll miss out on Beano! Trust me, I’ve lots of friends… so you’ll make H U G E profits! Wow! :D!

    • regtoxic says:

      Thanks for your comment! We’ll do our best, but can’t see it happening any time soon. In the meantime, your job is to get your friends to read Toxic anyway! We don’t mind about profits, as long as you’re having fun reading!

  58. kian222 says:

    On your gold issue I do not understand the draw Mr gold comp.It says you can win a £250 lego voucher.At the back where it says about the next issue it says win a £250 lego voucher again!What does it mean?

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kian,

      Thanks for your comment. What it means is, there are £250 LEGO vouchers to be won in BOTH issues! Good luck if you enter!

  59. Who won something on toxic

  60. Ryan says:

    Hi Toxic, I was just wondering if you could include Club Penguin stuff in an issue. Please please please please Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee dedicate at least one if not two pages to Club Penguin! It’s a wicked game you know! Pls also do something in gifts for Cp too! Thx so much Toxic I love you so much best mag ever!

  61. Ryan says:

    PS your gold issue is SHAMAZIN

  62. Kian222 says:

    When will the winners be confirmed for the pumpkin eye brawl competition?

    P.S the gold mag is awesome!!!!!

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kian,

      All the Eyebrawl winners have been notified now – looks like you missed out this time! But keep entering, there’s loads more Skylanders comps online and in the magazine.

      Thanks for your question!

  63. David d says:

    Hi toxic,
    Can you please tell me how you can send in the drawings and pictures of winning stuff?

    P.s is there going to be a issue about disney cars

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi David,

      To enter the drawing competititions, simply cut out the page (with a guardian’s help), then stick it in the post to the address written on the competition pages and we’ll get it!

      Or if you just fancy sending us a picture of anything you’ve drawn, we always love to see them too!

  64. hey this is a very important message i use to collect moshi mags and i went on http://www.moshimag.co.uk and you could pay online for so many months by pay pal or any other bank account and you would get it through the post every single time it came out can you do it online here ps its my first ever toxic mag and i think toxic is the best next mag could you maybe ad a lego fig in from a very old series if you do it would be the best thing that ever happend to me

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Lucy,

      We love LEGO too! Unfortunately we don’t have a subscription service, but you can find us in all good supermarkets and shops every three weeks! The next issue comes out on November 13th.

  65. Aidan phillips says:

    bad news i did not win spy net goods but there is another way on page 50 on win C there is spy net goods

  66. Jonathan h says:

    Hi toxic again,

    The gold issue is really awseome and just about to come home to England from South Korea and keep up the good work on that issue on iron man!!!!

  67. Jonathan h says:

    I also forgot to add is there any future updates on toxic creating a subscription service?

  68. ryan says:

    ive read it and i love it i always read

  69. christina says:


    is there anyway of signing up for a subscription of this magazine for my son? He loves it but i always forget when im out to buy it for him?

  70. Ricky says:

    how do I send a photo of my minecraft spongebobs I to toxic

  71. Ian wright says:

    My daughter has lost her “draw mr gold” application, how can she still enter the competition.

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Ian,

      If your daughter would still like to enter, she can just draw on a plain piece of A4, then post it in to us with “Draw Mr Gold” written on the envelope, and it will be entered with the others.

      Thanks for your question!

  72. Aidan phillips says:

    hay if you let me win spy net goods i may give you £5.00 so let me win and i may give you that

  73. Jonathan h says:

    I will give you £300 for the rare minifiques lego

  74. bruno says:

    if I win a competition will I get a email to say I have won because my parents don’t always answer the phone.

  75. Jack says:

    How Do I Enter The minecraft best builds

  76. Joe s says:

    Hi toxic

    Please can you add a little bit of transformers in please I just love it!!

  77. Kian222 says:

    When will the winners be announced for the mr gold comp.


  78. Aidan phillips says:

    hi toxic on the next issue can you make us a spy net page.

  79. Kian222 says:

    Have the winners of the MR GOLD comp been notified?

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Kian,

      They have – looks like you weren’t lucky this time I’m afraid. The winner’s picture will be in a future issue of Toxic. We hope you keep entering because there are loads more LEGO competitions coming up!

  80. Jack Aldridge says:

    Hi there

    In your next issue can you please put in a free pack of Yu Gi Oh cards please because I adore Yu Gi Oh cards!

    Thanks Bye

    P.s Please repliy

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We love to hear what our fans want and we’ll do our very best to get some Yu Gi Oh cards as Toxic gifts!

  81. Ryan says:

    Hi, I’ve just had a meccano set come in the post, and I can’t figure out why, I’ve entered a couple competitions in toxic and I’m wondering if I’ve won one, has there been any lately where the prize was meccano, thanks Ryan

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes mate you were a winner for a comp you entered in one of our October issues. Thanks for entering!

  82. Jack Aldridge says:

    Hi there again

    Can you please put the Yu Gi Oh cards in the next Toxic comic please?

    I love reading Toxic because its gross…but cool

    from your fan Jack! 🙂

  83. Jack Aldridge says:

    Hi again
    Can you please put in the top 10 Yu Gi Oh cards in the issue please I like the toxic comic and keep up with the great work!

    From your fan Jack!

  84. Hector Haggie says:

    I luv toxic, but i dont win

  85. Aidan phillips says:

    hi toxic, on the next issue can you make a spy net page please

  86. Lisa says:

    Me and my nephew enter every competition we can – but we’re completely stumped on the spy net one from the current issue – we’ve even asked everyone at school if they know who the 2nd guy is and no one knows :((

    • regtoxic says:


      Thanks for your comment! We can’t give you the answer, but we can tell you he’s a CBBC superstar..! Hope this helps.

  87. Aaron says:

    I have just got my copy of Toxic Mag this month (DEC) and I am very sad that I do not have a Bow and Arrow set in my copy.

    Please help.

    Aaron, aged 8

  88. Ollie says:

    Hi in the latest issue it says you win the gift guide but then it says win all this and points to different items. Do you win the small amount or all of it

    • regtoxic says:

      Hi Ollie,

      You win everything you can see in the picture! That includes the bike, FIFA 14, Swap Force, all that great stuff. Plus an XBox One and PS4! Thanks for your comment.

  89. Mahmut aksan says:

    Hi toxic how do i send a competition to you because i have made one

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Mahmut,

      Comp entries can be sent to us at Toxic Magazine, 1st Floor, The Yellow Building, 1 Nicholas Road, London, W11 4AN.


  90. Aidan phillips says:

    hi toxic on the next magazine can you make a spy net page please (answer my question please)

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Aidan,

      Glad you’re such an avid Toxic reader! We’ll do our best to bring you more Spy Net in our upcoming issues!


  91. Ryan says:

    Hi Toxic, I was just wondering if you could include Club Penguin stuff in an issue. Please please please please Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee dedicate at least one if not two pages to Club Penguin! It’s a wicked game you know! Pls also do something in gifts for Cp too! Thx so much Toxic I love you so much best mag ever!

  92. Jonathan H says:

    Hi toxic

    You know the gift guide.How many people can win it?

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Just one lucky winner for this one. It’s now closed and the winner will be pictured in the magazine soon!

      Thanks and good luck!

  93. Ryan says:

    Hi Toxic, your mag is wicked cool, definitely the best one out there! Please could you maybe put in something to do with Club Penguin though? Your’e awesome bye and pls reply! lol I ryhmed

    • nicktoxic says:

      Hi Ryhmed,

      Glad to hear you’re such a big fan. We’re always chatting to our pals over at Club Penguin so we’ll do our best to do something exciting in the magazine soon!

  94. Ashraf Siddique says:

    Where can I buy one? PLEASE REPLY

  95. James says:

    Weeha the new minion toxic mag is Epic U get a figure and some MOSHIMONSTERS stickers and a mag with epic things INSIDE it get it. LOL!!!!!!!! its £3 i got it and also u get a pen wich u can tthrough paers or tissues from the top. 😀 xD

  96. dylan laker says:

    hi toxic im a huge fan but im very upset at the moment because I have bought this weeks mag and I got the catapult pen and the other stuff. I started using the catapult pen and it broke. please reply.

  97. Ashraf says:


  98. Jonathan H says:

    Hi toxic,

    I just entered all the competitions in the new mag and this is the first time ever I have entered a competition.I am hoping to win!
    Probably not as I never win it will probably be there tomorrow and I hope I win!

    From your biggest fan ever

    P.s Add Doctor who!

  99. Timotej says:

    can you tell me how you get the toxic magazine? Thank you

  100. Ryan says:

    Dear Toxic, I just bought the new magazine with the awesome `Superhero Smasher!`, but sadly one of the things the holds the springs came off it and now its broke. 🙁

  101. Felix Glanville says:

    What date does the magazine come out every month or is it every 2 weeks?


  102. SamB says:

    Hi guys

    We’ve entered the comps in the latest mag but need to ask whether there are definitely 8 differences in the Despicable Me Spot the Difference? We’ve found 7 but cannot find the 8th after at least an hour of trying to find it!!


    • franktoxic says:

      Hi Sam

      There is only SEVEN! Sorry about that. You still have a few days to enter if you want to as we’ve extended the closing date!

      Thanks for your comment.

  103. gillon johnstone says:


    My autistic son and nephew love the toxic magazine, unfortunately we live very rurally, Is there anyway to subscribe to the Magazine for postal delivery?

    Many Thanks

    Gillon Johnstone

    • franktoxic says:

      Hi Gillon

      I’m really glad to hear your son likes Toxic. That’s great to hear. Unfortunately we don’t have a subscription service but there is a coupon near the back of the magazine which asks your nearest newsagent to reserve a copy. I hope that helps!?


  104. Mark says:

    My son has been searching for the 8 differences in the ‘Minion Spot the Difference’ in the latest issue of the magazine. It’s to win an iPad Mini.
    He found 7 but couldn’t find the 8th! Neither could his mum or me.
    I scanned the images onto my computer and superimposed one over the other and set the top layer to ‘Difference’ blending mode.
    How can anyone win this????

    • franktoxic says:

      Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comment. Alas there was a mistake in the speech bubble so, you are quite correct, there are only SEVEN. Sorry! Any entries that spot the seven are automatically included and we’ve extended the competition deadline by a week if you still want to enter.

      Thanks again.

  105. Tom J says:

    Are there really 8 differences to find on the Minions spot the difference competition cos I’ve been looking at it for days and can only find 7?

    • franktoxic says:

      Hi Tom

      You are right – there is in fact seven! The pesky Minion in this instance got it wrong. Sorry about that!!! However any entries received with seven noted will be counted. And we’ve extended the closing date by a week to take this into account.

      Apologies once again!!

  106. Aidan phillips says:

    hay toxic do you know the alienware 14 laptop see if you can put it on the magazine to make us win it

  107. George says:

    Hey toxic magazine George here! I’m 13 and I have been reading your grossly awesome magazine science I was a peewee! I love every page of the magazine and continue to attempt to win a competition. Just wondering if I could help in anyway. For example write one of the amazing comic strips you guys produce! Because they are amazing! To be honest toxic made me want to be an author and it gave me my sense of humour. It will always be the magazine I cherish. Thanks for filling my life with gross fun! (And if you could reply that would be lovely☺)

    • Simon Ward says:

      Hi George!
      Glad you love the mag – we love getting these kinds of messages! Why not draw us a cartoon and send it to us at the usual address – would be wicked to see your work!

  108. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    This issue is Amazing like every issue! You should seriously buy it and read it!!!!!!!

  109. richard k says:

    I have the newest issue of toxic and it didn’t say when the next issue is coming out.When is it coming out?

    • Simon Ward says:

      Hi Richard,
      We had so much to cram into the issue that there just wasn’t room! It’s out May 7th.

  110. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    How do I subscribe 2 toxic mag

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Kim!
      So pleased you think the magazine is so great! We don’t have a subscription service yet, but you could ask your local newsagent to reserve you a copy of every issue!
      Thanks for your comment!

  111. Amber says:

    Hi Toxic can you do some more prank gifts like the gum you did before it was awesome! Also do you have a Toxic youtube channel because I think your channel would be funny. I have been getting Toxic for years I have a ton of them and you guys sent me a tee! I never thought I would ever get a Toxic tee! TY 🙂

    • Simon Ward says:

      Thanks Amber! Yes, we do have a YouTube channel. We always post the best ones on Toxicmag.co.uk, but just search for us on YouTube 🙂

      • Amber says:

        Thanks I watch the funny vids from your website but I never realised it was from your own channel! Going to subscribe!

  112. Amber says:

    By the way I loved the Brainblasterz!

  113. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Plz call me The Toxic Super Fan

  114. Ken says:

    Bought your mag on a visit to UK. My son loves it!

    Is it possible to subscribe to the magazine and deliver to Hong Kong?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Ken,

      It is so cool to think that a copy of Toxic is in Hong Kong. We’d love to see a photo of that! Unfortunately we don’t offer a subscription service so we’re only available in stores. We just hope you get back to the UK soon so you can pick up another issue!

      We regularly update our website and post lots on Twitter which is the next best thing to having the actual magazine!



  115. Ollie says:

    Do you accept black and white comps

  116. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Could u make an issue all about Doctor Who plz!

  117. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    When is the next issue coming out?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi there! The new issue is out TODAY and it’s totally sick! Hope you enjoy it! Team Toxic

  118. Ollies says:

    Do you accept black and white competition entries on the tick or draw ones

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Oliver,

      We accept any form of entry for our tick or draw competitions! You could draw something on a napkin and send it into one of our competitions. We might get confused and use it when we eat our lunch, but we’ll try our best not to!

      Good lunch, I mean, LUCK!


  119. kayleigh bott says:

    who will win?
    please let it be me!

  120. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Can u put the date of when the next issue is coming out again plz

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Kim,

      The next issue of Toxic will be out on *drumroll please* Wednesday 9th July! So you don’t have long to wait. And trust us – it’s a cracking issue!



  121. Beryl says:

    Can I subscribe to the magazine for my grandson?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Beryl,

      Thanks for your interest in subscribing for your grandson – it goes without saying that he must be pretty cool if he enjoys reading Toxic! Unfortunately we don’t offer subscriptions at the moment but you can ask your newsagent to reserve every issue for you; that way they’ll always get a copy in for you and won’t sell it to anyone else but you! Hope that’s something you could do!



  122. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Cant wait till the 9th of July

  123. Owen says:

    Why didn’t I win the Xbox
    1 comp?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Owen, we’re sorry if you didn’t win this time but keep on entering – we have loads of awesome competitions in EVERY issue as well as even more competitions on our website! Good luck, Team Toxic.

  124. Owen says:

    And ps4. 🙁

  125. Yifan says:

    Hi,does anybody know if in a art comp they the prize to the best drawing or just the one they like best,because i am planning on to enter one.

  126. Yifan yu says:

    Hey toxic,you know the competitions near the end can you tick ABCD or just one of them

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi there, you can enter all of the super competitions on our Win stuff page! Thanks for reading!

  127. Yifan yu says:

    Oh and the art comps do you pick them at random or just on the ones who you think have put a lot of time into it?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi there, thanks for your question – I’m sure a lot of people wonder the same thing! We choose our winners based on a few things, such as how cool the drawing is or how original your ideas are. We also take age into account so ANYONE can win! We love seeing all our readers’ drawings and cool creations! Thanks for reading! Team Toxic

  128. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Hi, can you please do an issue of the new series a doctor who as I am a doctor who maniac!
    The Toxic Super Fan

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Toxic Super Fan, thanks for your comment! Keep your eyes peeled as the Doctor might show up in future issues – we think he’s GREAT! Thanks, Team Toxic

  129. Gino says:

    I got a copy of Toxic for the first time 2 mags ago while I was in hospital. I dont buy anythng but the beano but it sold out. Toxic is so great and I realy enjoy doing the competitions as I resting and not geting out. I shall always buy Toxic now and the price is good to. Toxic made me happy at a bad and boreing time. Thankyou

    • Simon Ward says:

      That’s great, Gino. Glad you liked it, and hope you feel better really soon! Best wishes from all of us at TOXIC Towers!

  130. Aidan phillips says:

    thank you for the spynet page,please can you make more spynet pages in every issue p.s don’t forget it

  131. Blazej says:

    How much comp enteries(diffrent comp) can i Put into one envelope?

    • matthewtoxic says:

      Hi Blazej, you can put all your competition entries in the same envelope! Good luck and thanks for reading TOXIC!

  132. Jonathan H says:

    Hi toxic,

    I haven’t talked to you I a long time and that was probably on the 30th December 2013 when I asked that question about the gift guide.Here is another question I would like to ask about the gift guide.Can you please put an Xbox one and some lego Star Wars sets(the super star destroyer and imperial star destroyer cuz I was thinking of joining them together like that big plane with the shuttle on top)that would be cool.Also could you put the first look of the new 2015 lego Star Wars sets(the last time you talked to me was when I liked iron man and I even asked for an issue about him too but it went off him a bit when I came home from South Korea so now I like Star Wars a lot even though I started to like Star Wars in October)thank you

    From your biggest fan ever

    Jonathan H

    P.S: I LOVE TOXIC!!!!!!!!

  133. The Toxic Super Fan says:

    Hi toxic can u do a minecraft issue plz