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We’ve gone Fortnite mad here at Toxic Towers! So much so, that we’re dedicating two weeks of posts to the BIGGEST game in the world.

All aboard the babble bus – day one’s our five favourite abso-loot-ly hilarious Fortnite jokes…


1. How do cows start a game of Battle Royale?

They board the CATTLE bus!


All aboard! – Credit: CentreFamilyLiteracy, Twitter


2. Did you hear that the Queen’s gotten into Fortnite…?

Now it’s a Battle ROYAL!


One IS amused! – Credit: Know Your Meme


3. What do you call a defender of the ROYALE realm…?



Napping knight! – Credit: 123LicenseToPaint, DeviantArt


4. Where do SORE LOSERS land on the Battle Royale island?

Salty Springs!


‘L’ fingers at the ready! – Credit: Joe Jenkins, Youtube


5. Which music star’s NEVER going to make it into the final circle?!



Stormzy LOLing! – Credit: Look


…That’s all for today, Fortnite folks!

Click back tomorrow for more STUPENDOUS Fortnite stuff… and catch even MORE Fortnite funnies in Toxic’s special GAMING ISSUE, Toxic mag #313, out now!