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Are you wicked excited for the new Bumblebee film? Us too! But did you know there’s a brand new Transformers trading card game from TCG experts Wizards of The Coast?!

Collect all your favourite Transformers, build your team,  equip them with awesome battle cards to level up and then jump right into battle!

This game isn’t just huge… it’s giant! with some of the biggest ever cards – AND with two forms, each character card can be flipped over mid game to reveal their souped-up, shiny bot mode.

Check out these awesome videos of how to play – and tell us that it’s not one of the coolest games ever!

We’ve teamed up with Wizards of The Coast to offer one lucky Toxic reader an incredible Transformers bundle so you can start collecting, battling and roll out!

One winner will win a TCG Starter Set, Metroplex special deck PLUS 10 Booster Packs! 


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