Rapid Madness 2 (Lifestyle)If you’ve got a birthday coming up or are looking for something cool to do with your mates, then why not have an awesome FREE football party including a BOOMCO experience with POWERLEAGUE, the UK’s premier 5-a-side operator.

HAVE A BLAST with BOOMco by competing in fun challenges to test your skills of accuracy, distance and speed with the cool new AIR-POWERED BOOMco blasters including the awesome Rapid Madness which blasts up to 50 feet! Using SMART STICK darts and targets, you can see exactly where you nail it as the tip of every plastic dart sticks like crazy to the targets!

Win awesome BOOMco PRIZES and get your name on the COMPETITION leaderboard to be in with a chance of becoming the ultimate BOOMCO BLASTMASTER CHAMPION and winning an XBOX!

Check out BOOMCOBLASTMASTER.CO.UK for more information on how to claim the title!

Party Booking; To book a BOOMco event, go to Powerleague.co.uk/childrens-birthday-parties (must be 18+ to book)

Dates; BOOMco events run from October – December 2014

Locations; 20 Powerleague Centres

Barnet, Blackburn, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dublin , Finshley, Glasgow, Halesowen, Leeds North, Manchester Central, Millhill, Milton Keynes, North Shields, Slough, Stockport, Trafford, Watford, Wembley and Wigan