Welcome back, Battle Royale buds!

Still enjoying Fortnite? Us too! But while it’s the biggest game on the planet right now (with good reason!), we’ve been hunting down some awesome alternatives for you to try!

Check out this crazy trailer for Darwin Project, an icy, tense Battle Royale where there’s no guns… and loads of fun.

This game looks like it takes the coolest bits from The Hunger Games movies and the unique style of games like Portal and Quantum Conundrum to make something that feels really fresh and new.

With no guns to shoot and lots to loot, you’ll have to get creative – with a huge mix of axes, bows, traps! You can even take on the role of the Director and control the action in a honed-in arena of just ten players.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s free to play on Xbox One and PC right now – so try it out now… and see how it stacks up to Fortnite: Battle Royale!