Avengers: Endgame is OUT NOW and Team Toxic loved it! We thought it was the perfect ending to The Infinity Saga. If you haven’t seen this Marvel masterpiece yet, get to the cinema – in this article, we’re talking spoilers…

Are you ready? Avengers… ASSEMBLE!

This legend’s lost in space. / ©2019 MARVEL


The invincible Iron icon has been wowing us as the armoured Avenger for AGES – as the first fearless fighter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it only makes sense that Stark got the final snap! And while it really was the Endgame for Tony Stark, we LOVED his quippy daughter Morgan, and Pepper Potts getting to armour up as the remarkable Rescue!


Oh yeah, he’s Iron Man.

Banner’s saga is COMPLETE! / ©2019 MARVEL


Bruce and his mean, green alter-ego have BANNED the bad vibes! We love this hulking hybrid – and the fact that he just doesn’t want to SMASH. It was ace to go behind the scenes of Avengers Assemble’s best bits and see Banner try to win round the Ancient One. It really was an ‘out of body’ experience for him! LOL!

Hawkeye takes aim… one last time. / ©2019 MARVEL


Clint had a hard time in Endgame – but the wild-haired Hawkeye got some KILLER scenes after sitting Infinity War out! His deadly ninja skills as the rogue Ronin were SO COOL – as was his sporting Gauntlet run. Score!

Who will wield the shield… revealed! / ©2019 MARVEL


YES! Our favourite fighter Captain America got the ending he deserved in Endgame! We always knew the warrior was worthy… but we didn’t expect him to GROW OLD. Passing the SHIELD to the Falcon was fantastic and unexpected – and when the winged wonder crackled in on Cap’s earpiece?! Plus, he even fought himself! Cap’s come a long way.

Cap finally nails his hammer holding… / ©2019 MARVEL


We love how much the Marvel movies tread their own path… but when they copy the comics, they absolutely ACE it!! From Hulk saving his mates with some superior strength to this heroic hushed “Hydra,” we loved how much directors the Russos racked up the comicbook cool count! What’s left to say, other than…

Stuart Immonen’s unbelievable art from Marvel’s Fear Itself #7! / ©2019 MARVEL

Avengers: Endgame is breaking records at the box office right now!