FORTNITE SEASON 5: Quick landing map

The swamps of Moisty Mire are now a full classic western desert, with a small city and a lovely racing track (amazing for using the new karts and having some fun with your friends).

There’s also a Viking village complete with a big ship in a mountain near Snobby Shores, and Anarchy Acres was replaced with Lazy Links, a place with a very nice hotel and a golf course (this area is also perfect for the new sport-themed emotes).

These new changes are great and give more balance to where players are landing, which is what Epic always tries to do when they evolve the game map.

Here’s a little guide for quick landing.


3 landing locations with good amount of items and chests


Amount of items and chests: HIGH

This is the new desert biome that Epic introduced in Season 5. For now, this area is completely saturated with players exploring it. The racing track is to the north and you can find some dinosaur statues in the middle. For now, this is quite the hotspot. Explore it, but don’t expect great success here.


Amount of items and chests: MEDIUM

It’s a great place to start, since it’s really easy to find loot and you won’t find many players fighting here. It’s the same shape as before.


Amount of items and chests: HIGH

The new desert biome and the racing track are south of Fatal Fields and, for now, players seem to gravitate towards those locations. Since the loots is still the same (you can get some good items here), this is now a great place to land.

3 landing locations to avoid


Amount of items and chests: LOW

This is a huge mining complex that you should avoid. If you choose to land here, make sure you have a shotgun in your hands for close-quarters combat.

Season 5 brought nothing new to this area.


Amount of items and chests: LOW

It’s still one of the areas of the map you should avoid. The bunker is still labyrinthic and not very rewarding. We have a feeling that it will evolve in the next season.


Amount of items and chests: MEDIUM-LOW

As with most of the areas near the coast, this is not the best place to land.

Inside the factory you can find some chests, but keep in mind the position of the storm.