One of the reasons we think Fortnite’s been SO popular, is that it brings together lots of geeky groups.

All Toxic readers know that there’s no shame in being a geek – if you’re a Fortnite fan, you’re in luck!
There’s SO MANY references to massive movies and awesome games in Fortnite… so many that FantasticalGamer have made this vital video, bringing them all under one roof!

Like Marvel movies? A few seasons back, Epic Games brought the thunder with the Mad Titan himself, THANOS! And you can still find skins that reference other fan-favourites such as Thor, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Star-Lord, the Gingerbread Man from Shrek (no, really!)… and even a spooky skeleton from the absolutely ANCIENT classic The Karate Kid.

*BONUS Toxic trivia alert:* The Karate Kid is one of Toxic mag writer Sam Taylor’s favourite ever movies!


Check out this fort-uitous vid – and let us know if you spot any others!

See you tomorrow for even more fab Fortnite features,

Team Toxic