To celebrate the scariest season, we thought we’d show off five fearsome Fortnite skins…

Credit: Epic Games

5. Crackshot

Come on, it’s not like this guy needs any explaining… Crackshot’s made of wood and clearly up to no good! Here at Toxic Towers, we’re always scared of intimidating toys. Especially if they’re life-sized and chasing after you with a legendary weapon! That’s one unnerving Nutcracker!

Credit: Epic Games

4. Skull Trooper

Back for Halloween this year (because of how clearly spine-chilling he is), the Skull Trooper is maybe even more spooky than he could be BECAUSE HE’S NOT A REAL SKELETON. That’s a Fortniter that wanted you to think he’s a skeleton… and what’s weirder than that?

Credit: Epic Games

3. Black Knight

Part Black Knight from the Avengers, part posessed biker – it’s all in the eyes with Black Knight… AS IN THEY’RE JUST GLOWING RED DOTS! Good Knight, you say? Not this time. Get ready to give this guy the runaround… table.

Credit: Epic Games

2. Ghoul Trooper

Toxic FACT: We’re definitely NOT scared of zombies! Who told you we were scared of zombies…? No, seriously, maybe the most chilling thing about this SKIN is THE skin! If you think Ghouls are cool… you’re wrong! They’re spooky!

Credit: Epic Game

1. Raven

Brrr, did it just get cold in here? You’re going to have to face the facts that Fortnite got a whole lot spooooookier the day they added Raven to the Royale roster! With ragged and ruffled, fearsome feathers and petrifying purple eyes, Raven’s character might be a mystery – but why he’s spooky certainly isn’t!

How about you, Halloween crew? Who’s your most frightful fighter?!

Dare you check back in tomorrow…?