Here at Team Toxic, we love the Nintendo Switch. It can play games anywhere, survive being dropped 1,000 feet… but can it survive being blown up?!

The GameBoy, Nintendo’s original handheld classic was released way back in 1989, and while it’s great for playing Pokémon, we don’t think it was designed to survive a bomb blast!

The story goes that an American Army medic named Stephen Scoggins once wrote into Nintendo Power magazine, explaining that when his barracks were attacked during the first Gulf War (1990-91), he thought his beloved GameBoy was a goner!

…But not so! Stephen was hoping for a brand new GameBoy, but what he got instead was a place in gaming history! Although the A and B buttons didn’t work, it still turned on… and is still running to this day in the Nintendo store in New York City.

What a hench handhold.

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