Wanna be whisked away to the Wizarding World…?

Well, now you can own your very own Invisibility Cloak! Appear to disappear with this wicked wizarding kit… just like Harry Potter!

At King’s Cross, the most spellbinding station in the world, Toxic recently got to peek past Platform 9 3/4 to the magic behind the muggles! Using the same CGI magic employed in the biggest blockbusters, the Invisibility Cloak lets you blend into any background… so cool!

With the included Wow! Stuff app, you can recreate iconic scenes and sorcery from the Harry Potter films – or make your own magical movies!

To get you in the mood for magic, here’s the first time Harry tries it out for himself…

The Invisibility Cloak is available right now, even for mighty muggles like us! So cool!