Hey gaming green gang,

Love your Switch but can’t afford all of the latest massive games? Dont’ worry – that’s how Team Toxic got into gaming too! But have no fear: gaming legends Nintendo just dropped the trailers for not ONE, but 8 EPIC new games on us… and some of them are coming so soon.

First up, we’ve got Wargroove, which is an ace old school strategy game that reminds Toxic’s resident nerd and writer Sam of the coolest games ever made. It’s PACKED with head-stratching. turn-based action – and it’s out next week! Just check out this epic Anime-inspired trailer! It looks rad and might not have been on your radar… so check it out!

Other highlights include a brand new SteamWorld game (perfect for painterly protagonists), SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, CrossCode, the absolutely bonkers When Ski Lifts Go Wrong… the truly Unruly Heroes… and a certain goat we know you guys are crazy for – It’s GOAT SIMULATOR!

Nintendo Switch is fast becoming our favourite console of all time!

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Stay Toxic, guys!