SO Much Nintendo News!

The greatest time of the year for gamers is here… E3! A MASSIVE convention crammed full of the world’s most exciting games, there’s so much going on this year – and we love it.

The WHOLE Nintendo Direct video’s above – it’s over 40 minutes long! – but below, Team Toxic’s picked the BEST bits. Check them out!

Breath of the Wild’s still one of our fave games for the Switch – and we’re psyched to see it getting a seemingly sinister second chapter. And maybe this one won’t take as long… the geniuses at Nintendo are using all of the assets they’ve already made. Don’t know when it’s coming out, but we hope it’s SOON!

Like Harry Potter? Fire Emblem’s nearly here – and it’s set to bring fantasy fans EVERYTHING they want! With epic, Lord of the Rings-style battles and a bunch of young wonders with EPIC powers to adventure with, we can’t wait for Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

There’s a new Avengers gaming coming out next year for PlayStation and Xbox, but we think this one looks WAY more fun! The third game in a super series that’s making a comeback, Ultimate Alliance 3 is a Switch exclusive – you’ll be able to tell all your friends how YOU battled Thanos’ Black Order!

There’s SO MUCH more to discover at E3 (including the release date for Toxic writer Sam’s #gameoftheshow The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening), so get out there… and get gaming, green gang!