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Team Toxic’s fortnight of Fortnite continues! With 125 MILLION players shooting and looting their way across the Battle Royale map, it may seem like Fortnite sprung up from out of nowhere… but it’s not true! Let’s dig in to some interesting Friday Fortnite facts…


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Funnily enough, it took AGES to build Fortnite! The original game was announced way back in 2011 – our favourite shooter’s come a LONG way! When the barnstorming Battle Royale genre went global, developers at Epic Games made a prototype, shoehorning the iconic 1 vs. 100 mode into their zombie survival game… and the rest is history!


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A group of students in America recently made a bet with their Science teacher… If their Tweeted challenge got 6,700 re-Tweets, ol’ teach would have to rewrite their final exam so it was ALL ABOUT FORTNITE! In the end, it got re-Tweeted over 30,000 times (woah!) and Chemistry teacher Mr. McCray had to figure out Fortnite fit into the curriculum! LOL!


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Gamers haven’t always gotten along! Back in March, Epic announced that they’d be letting Battle Royale players duke it out, even if they weren’t on the same console! Console gaming’s been around for a long time, but that’s pretty much unheard of – that’s just how big Battle Royale is! So now, even if you’re playing PS4 while your mates are shooting on Switch, you’re never from another member of your Toxic tribe!


Credit: Kotaku, Epic Games



One of the cool things about Fortnite is its fascinating story! Unlike loads of games, each season changes SO MUCH, but here’s what we know for sure: Loads of people have disappeared, and zombie-like husks are swooping in through storms to take over the world… and that’s just the Save The World mode. In Battle Royale, right now it’s anyone’s guess! There’s rifts and portals, time travelling and super storms – Epic have done a great job making Battle Royale a mystery. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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When a rocket launced in-game back in July, cracks started forming in Fortnite’s sky… and then bits of Battle Royale’s map started showing up in the real world! The sign from Durr Burger (clearly bored of getting shot at) warped to a desert just outside of Los Angeles in America! Police cars and warning signs also popped up – and took the Internet by STORM! So weird. SO cool.

That’s all for today, Fortnite fans! But join us tomorrow for EVEN MORE Fortnite fun.