WOAH! We just heard that half of all Nintendo Switch owners have downloaded Fortnite!

That’s a LOT of looting love for the biggest game on the planet… so let Team Toxic tell you all about another sweet Switch shooter you might not have heard of – in aquatic ACRONYM style.

Let’s SPELL out S.P.L.A.T.O.O.N.!

S is for…


Since the earliest video games, player’s have shot AT each other… But not in Splatoon!  In Splatoon and its sensational sequel Splatoon 2 – you and your team are trying to cover the imaginative levels in buckets of…


Splatoon trades its shooting for splatting paint all over the place – and the team with the most paint when the time runs out WINS! Your incredible Inklings can transform into sneaky surfing sealife, using your tag trails to get around!


We love how BRIGHT and colourful Splatoon is! The graphics are right at home on the Nintendo Switch! Paint makes it pop in Splatoon… and without all of the military business of most Battle Royale games, we’re sure you’re not going to see many games that look this good.


Splatoon doesn’t have skins – you can customise your SQUID KIDS however you like! Like the hyper-cool The World Ends With You, it takes the coolest bits of Japanese teen style and street culture and mashes them up with a RAD attitude.


This means the camera’s not in your head – it’s behind it. Fortnite fans will feel right at place in Splatoon’s world… and the paint-diving makes getting around a breeze. See your friends, and stay one tentacle ahead of the action!


Splatoon’s got a single player mode… but the real action’s happening in the player vs. player scene! Like Fortnite, Splatoon fans play with their friends to win win win! The paint play is super different from most competitive games – and we think it’s awesome.


The Octolings are the main opponents in Splatoon single player – and you’ll love taking these tentacled tyrants down! Yeah, you can play as them in PvP, but if you like fending off spooks in Fortnite’s Save The World mode, you’re going to love taking down the Octolings!


Of course it’s Nintendo! Maybe the most imaginative game creators around, the makers of Mario, Zelda and Pikmin have made the world of Splatoon a great place to play! Fill up your super soakers… and paint that SPLAT-tlefield pink!

Splat’s magic!

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